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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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joe: the storm system is pounding the triangle with heavy rains. anna: we have one of our mobile vehicles live in the triangle looking for any trouble spots. chris: around the triangle is light to moderate rain with the threat of those heavy heavy downpours and gusty winds pre-much over with. things playing out pretty much like we planned. the main thing has been the heavy rainfall causing some minor flooding issues. damaging wind gusts. parts of western wayne. so some gusty winds. right near the wayne johnston
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there is a thunderstorm here in robinson county. these are some lightning strikes that we haven't seen elsewhere. aching its way to the east and northeast. the main thread again has been a very heavy rainfall. back around the triangle is mainly just like to moderate rain and we see the back edge of it now. the rain shifting to the northeast. it will hang around through the evening hours. it will diminish pretty quickly. these are flood advisories that is the main issue. minor flooding possible in these areas. eastern wake potentially. that is in effect until 6:00. until about seven or 730. some minor flooding if you live in a flood prone area that flood pre-easily watch out for that. we have some big changes in terms of temperatures and much cooler for all of us as we get
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joel. : the teenager is accused of hacking into the system. >> many may call him a whiz kid. this search warrant includes a long list of consumer computer programming skills. changing students grades. they took their time digging into evidence and searching the
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he moved himself up in the class rankings, moving himself from 67th to seventh in the class. he is accused of using school computers and wanted a public library where he volunteered to carry out his scheme of hacking into the school system. one night he was caught on school surveillance breaking into a teacher's classroom where another teacher spotted them using the laptop. that teacher later told police one of his test grades was changed. now wake county schools say all transcripts have been checked.
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the highschooler could be looking at more than four years in prison if convicted. he faces a wake county judge tomorrow. anna: three teenagers charged with throwing brick sized iraq'srocks onto a highway are charged with crimes. another victim has now come forward. >> this man told investigators he didn't have a safe place to pull over on 95 so he walked over to the sheriff's office to report the incident earlier. we were talking with another victim hearing from him for the first time. exactly what pushed his button
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in his tractor-trailer just under the overpass william myers and his girlfriend could've died. the pair was two of six people who was talked about bricks crashing through their windshields as they drove on this highway. he is a god wind teenager with his two friends. they can see the near miss of the tractor-trailer. myers returned to fayetteville from columbia south carolina to see the teens arraigned for felony charges. all the while investigators say a six the victim is coming by to report that he was injured. at times there was remorse on
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this moment caused pause in the classroom. i then asked about the status of his bmw. the teenagers declined to speak and their parents declined to speak. the lawyers say to their knowledge this is the first time the boys of been in any trouble. we will see that investigators say one thing in the search warrant and they go through the
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to see if they can tie the kids to 11 other recent brick throwing incidents on 95. very similar incidents. we will know more about that in the coming days. joel: the early morning fires the cap firefighters busy. anna: nine people are now homeless after a fire. joel: a raging early morning fire. north of the beltline. firefighters are trying to figure out the cause of the blaze. the houses vacant.
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water was pouring out of the ceiling flooding for floors. joel: a fire destroying a large home in done. it displaced at least nine families who live there. the two alarm fire was on west broad street. a hiring blitz of the nation's largest home improvement store. home depot is hiring. target turning over its pharmacy
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anna: a billion-dollar deal involving cvs and target. a one point bi $1.9 billion deal. steve: home depot is on a hiring spree. they are preparing to boost their staffing with 80,000 sales associates nationwide. the company spokesman said the spring is like christmas for home improvements. the company estimates that more than half of its seasonal hires can transition to permanent home depot jobs. college students and veterans and retirees are all encouraged to apply. a durham woman with a heart of gold. find out about the generous gift she left to her community.
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yea, that feeling joel: and when you're a military school got a big surprise. a check for $15,000. a local woman who didn't have any direct connection to the school but she left it some money. she passed away in september. she didn't have any children or grandchildren of her own she wanted to help the school. she was a longtime neighbor who cared about the community. the school's principal said everyone there could not believe her generosity. neighbors and teachers say it is
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she has asked teachers and staff to come up with ideas on how to put the money to use in a way that honors the woman who gave it. anna: we were watching that storm and by the time we started our 4:00 newscast he was really coming down chris: it was moving along. that is the good news. it didn't stay too long in any
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things are settling down to. no reports of any damage. the heavy rain has caused a few issues. just like we talked about. light to moderate rain in raleigh durham. cumberland county got a moderate rain as well. they are decreasing now in robinson county. i don't think that will be a big issue. the rain is a pretty solid sheet that research is back past the triangle. moisture is feeding in from the southwest. there is more rain to come.
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we still can see some pockets of moderate rain so grab that umbrella. is going to be a wet evening for sure. into wayne in johnson county. into sampson cumberland county. the alert is in effect until around 730 tonight. as it extends into the atmosphere. we have thunderstorms to go up to 50,000 feet. these are more like 15 20,000 feet. not able to tap into a lot of energy to bring those strong winds down. they were strong just not
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darkness descends on the triangle. 62 in the triangle. we're not going to drop much in terms of temperature from where we are now as we going to the morning hours. 64 degrees around fayetteville. there is some chilly air. this is mostly just seasonal. pretty close to average. it starts out mild tomorrow, upper 50's to near 60. the best chocolate rain will be in the morning hours. especially along 95 were could linger for much of the day. temperatures will fall. that is the big news tomorrow aside from the rain. down to around 50 by early
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next week it gets cold again. that will get our attention. joel: a warning to the parents of young children who got smartphones. anna: your child could be communicating with strangers without your knowing about it. authorities think that is what happened with the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl who was found dead in north carolina.
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she says kick is an app that predators can use to lori and victims. the app is free and is kind of like facebook. the major difference is you can communicate anonymously. a neighbor of the slain seventh grader says she met her attacker on kick. she vanished and was found stabbed to death in north carolina. kick cooperates with law enforcement to find a child predators anywhere in the world. but ultimately it is a parent's job to regulate these apps before they have to come to her
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anna: tickets to the big game this sunday are out there.
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anna: counterfeit tickets are a big problem with events, including the super bowl. diane: adele and taylor swift are some of the hottest tickets today. this man purchased some taylor swift tickets and they turned out to be counterfeit. he wants other parents to hear the story. they gave him a phone number and eight met to exchange the cash
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the victim admits he let his guard down because the story seemed to normal. he thought his daughters would be thrilled. when the family handed their tickets to the shirt the turnstile. they were counterfeit. it was heartbreaking watching my kids cried. we couldn't go in. the counterfeit ticket scheme is growing in popularity and
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the good news is that the venue allow them to to buy some real tickets and to attend the concert. steve: if you have a consumer complaint they send us an e-mail. reach out to us on twitter or facebook. anna: we are getting a clearer picture about how the department of transportation wants to deal with the highway expansion. you will see the three colors the dot is a suggesting. problems for obamacare in north carolina.
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the triangle. google says it will provide that high-speed internet free of
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steve: springlike storms ripping
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tisha: heavy wind is chopping down trees in durham. some crashes as well. they shut down a lane of capital boulevard because of flooding. steve: the viewing area is not out of the woods yet. chris: still some rain out there. the threat of any damaging winds is pretty much dying down. didn't see much of that. the flooding has been the big issue that we talked about yesterday. light to moderate rain and some pockets of heavier rain around the triangle. none of it securely severe. it is just going to be an issue with visibility and wet roadways and pounding on the roadways. the line of showers and heavier thunderstorms the leading edge of it is up there with wayne county. back into sampson county.
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that gusts to 40 miles per hour.
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